Year 7-13 Angling

Venue: Barford Lakes

The event will be on Thursday 14th May 2020

Funding to cover transport costs for this event is available via the SSP, please let me know if this is something you would be looking to access . 

I have attached links to the risk assessment for the event and a copy of their current public liability insurance. 

The governing body (with a little help from Barford), The Angling Trust has produced a Code of Good Practice for Ethical Angling in Coaching Sessions.  They adhere to this anyway but in case we had any schools concerned about angling this may help put minds at rest. Along with their team of volunteers there will be at least one if not two Licensed Level II coaches in attendance.

The Norfolk School Games final, which is on TBC, is a teams of 3 event.  Our SSP qualifying event will be an individual competition and we will then take the top 6 anglers on the day as the 2 x teams of 3 for the finals.  

The cost this year is £9 a head, but this cost will be covered by the North Norfolk SSP, so it is FREE to schools entering.

Format of the day will be the following:

9:30 am                        Arrival

9:45 am                          Welcome & Briefing – Draw for pegs

10:45 am – 13.45 pm  Competition

2:15 pm                           Results/Presentation

2:30 pm                          Departure

If we are able to start any earlier we will.

Information for pupils:

●             Barford will provide some fishery pellets, maggots and sweetcorn.  Any other or extra bait can be purchased from the shop if they need anything.

●             The students need to bring their own fishing tackle along with a keep net and bank stick to retain the fish.  

They can borrow one from Barford – please let me know if they require one so we can make sure we have enough.  Barford do have other tackle they can loan out but we would hope that pupils do have some experience of angling

●             If they could bring 3 tubs with them to put their bait in that would be good – bait tub or cleaned out margarine tub would be good.

●             Under 13’s do not require an Environment Agency Fishing Licence. 

If they are 13 – 16 years old they will require a EA rod licence, it’s free and you can register on this link

Barford have a great team of volunteer coaches attending and they try to at least demonstrate plumbing the depth and give advice on feeding and catching, and help anyone who is struggling.  They hope to help enhance their skills on the level 2 as much as they can whilst we steward the competition.

Now to hope for the good weather which makes the day even better! 

If you could please let me know, via an email to, if your school would be interested in entering pupils into this event, ASAP.

I will then send out team form nearer the time to confirm pupil numbers with you .