Year 3 & 4 Mini Tennis

Cromer Tennis Club

Wednesday 6th May 2020

12pm – 3pm

If you would like to book a team onto this event then please do so via this link CLICK HERE

Event Information

  • Each school should provide a squad of 4, with 2 boys and 2 girls.
  • Competition will be a singles format on a mini-tennis court size (approx a quarter of a tennis court) with a foam ball.
  • Players need to be ranked 1-4 by each school – Players will then compete against players of the same ranking.
  • Normal tennis scoring and competition rules will apply. Available from
  • The winner of each match will be the first player to score 10, with a sudden death at 9 all.
  • Serve is decided by a ‘toss’ at the start of the match – the nominated person serves for the first point, serve then alternates every 2 points.
  • When serving players should stand behind the baseline and the ball must not be bounced before being hit.
  • The serve can be hit over or underarm and should be hit diagonally, landing in the diagonally opposite service box (not essential at level 2).

The winners of this event will go onto the Norfolk School Games Summer Finals 2020 on TBC to represent the North Norfolk School Sport Partnership.

Any questions do not hesitate to get in contact.