With the announcements made on school closures, iMOVES wanted to drop you a very quick reminder about the free iMOVEMENT resources that they have re-purposed to enable active learning at home as well as in the classroom.

These fun activities are available for teachers and parents to help keep children happy, healthy and focused during the challenging times ahead.

These FREE resources include:

  • Quick Blasts
  • Active Blasts with supporting activities for Maths and Literacy
  • Mental Wellbeing resources to support anxiety, mood and emotions

It will also feature an inspiration for the day which will ask children to think about, create or do a number of tasks. These might include: 

  • Making a card for an elderly person to brighten up their day
  • Writing a story about being brave and overcoming difficult situations
  • Helping out in the garden and drawing a picture of your favourite flower

Accessing Your Free Resources 

They’ve made these resources super easy to access with no login and no password.  Simply click the link below:

Let’s keep our children happy, healthy and active throughout the weeks and months ahead – please share this with your colleagues/friends as we want to help as many schools as possible.

Stay safe, and happy teaching!